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Hey everyone, my name is Chris DeVincentis from Lake Geneva Wisconsin and I’m glad you happened to land on my information site about CoolTrader Pro.

I’ve been a real estate company owner, trainer and coach for the last 23 years.  I’m also an avid investor that like you, has been searching for a system like CoolTrader Pro most of my adult life.

While there is a tremendous business opportunity behind CoolTrader Pro for anyone that desires to make money with such a unique product that has never been in higher demand, the genius behind this program is the product itself.

I’m a real person using the system so I thought it would be a great idea to have you follow my journal as I begin trading with the program in simulation mode here.

Having access to a true artificial intelligence trading system like CoolTrader Pro that is affordable and profitable is something that millions of small investors need right now.  Today, trust in institutional trading or buy and hold strategies has never been lower and putting your money in the hands of someone else at this time has only intensified the lack of trust.

In the past, trading for yourself has been a monumental issues associated with it if you’re ever tried it.  The emotional component of trading whether in stocks, futures or forex makes it nearly impossible to be profitable over the long term for the average investor.  Additionally, the market volatility that should normally bring opportunity leaves most traders on the wrong side of virtually every trade and frankly, sitting in front of a trading screen every day is no way to live your life.  If you’ve been there, I’m sure you would agree.

Having the ability to choose your trading algorithm that fits your risk tolerance and allowing the system to trade for you confidently and profitably all day is an opportunity that we all have now with CoolTrader Pro.  The system is proven.  This isn’t some $39 robot trading software with a few hundred lines of code that can empty your bank account.

Hailed as the one true artificial intelligence trading system that produces results by industry experts is powerful, but having top brokerage houses supporting traders of this platform is a testament to the legitimacy of the CoolTrader Pro results.

If you’re interested in more information, feel free to visit my CoolTrader Pro website so you can learn and earn with this amazing system and if you’re a marketer, you can participate in the amazing income opportunity behind the software as well.

To follow my journal and experience with CoolTrade as I become familiar with the software and simulate trade, Click Here!

Contact me anytime.  (262) 745-2096

Blessings to you and your family!








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