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Automatic Stock Trading Software that Actually Works

I’m sure you would agree that trying to find automatic stock trading software that actually works or can be programmed to run on different variables to give the desired profitable results is something that every stock system trader from home things about.

If you’ve ever traded online you know how difficult it is to look at a dozen different variables to decide what and when to trade.  Granted, there are some screening products on the market that, given a set of variables, will screen stocks that meet the criteria that you give it.  Well, identifying those stocks and executing them at the right time with proper entry and exit positions is a different story.

Automatic Stock Trading Software Available to the Middle Class

Recently, CoolTrade, an automated stock trading software that has been quietly available for 7 years, used by 14,000 subscribers in 40 countries decided to mass market their automatic stock trading software to the public under the name CoolTrader Pro.  The founder and program developer Ed Barsano, had been a top Microsoft programmer from 1987 to 1995 and decided after loosing a substantial amount of money in the market that he would spend 12 years and 5 million lines of code to produce the product now known as CoolTrade.  You can listen to Ed Barsano here:




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Those are the realities of trying to trade without CoolTrader Pro or with CoolTrader Pro.  It’s a real proprietary piece of software that is available to the general public for the personal trading of your accounts in a logical, controlled and completely automatic way.

Cooltrader Pro just began this venture in November of 2012.  I’ve purchased the software and am currently running it in simulation mode and will continue to test the pre-programmed trades as well as constructing some of my own to test.  It’s a snap to use, but the variables that you can use to create entry, accumulation and exit strategies are endless.  If you’re a statistical trader or a candlestick formation trader, it handles that as well with ease.

Is it really legitimate.  There are currently 7 brokerage firms that have partnered with this automatic stock trading software because of their confidence in the system for their customers to be able to trade on their platform.  They are:

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CoolTrader Pro is available in most countries, can trade a number of markets and it can be used for the stock trading and forex trading if you are a person that enjoys trading the currency markets.

If you’re like me and you’ve been looking for an automatic stock trading software that is a true automated robot system in every sense of the word, but didn’t have millions of dollars to fund a proprietary trading account, then this is just what you’ve been looking for.

I literally have CoolTrader Pro launch on my computer 5 minutes before the market opens and it begins executing trades based on the programs I’ve selected and I come home from work to see the results.  You just leave your computer on all day and let it do it’s thing.  Like I said as of writing this, I plan on doing simulation trading until I’m comfortable with my strategies based on my future (real) account size, but I am beyond impressed with the software.  By the way, there is a great CoolTrade community that you have access to plus access to a ton of downloadable strategies that you can import right into your trading system created by other users and you don’t have to be a geek to do it.

If you want a true automatic stock trading software that actually works, you should check out CoolTrader Pro by clicking on the graphic below.  You won’t be disappointed!

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